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Working again with Petroc Sesti Studio, this sculpture was commissioned for the Manhattan Loft Garden, Stratford (London) to forms the focal point of the light well within the building and is the largest such vortex sculptures completed by the studio to date weighing in excess of 4 tones and  mounted 6 meters above the courtyard floor; The milled acrylic sphere is 2 meters in diameter itself holds over 3 cubic meters of liquid within. 

the piece was installed in March of 2019 after over a year in development with the artists and client in which I provided technical and creative consultancy over the period proposing and developed both the composition and technical aspects of the piece to ultimately take through production the 'Vortex 1950, (working title) sculpture.

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-06 at
WhatsApp Image 2019-03-11 at
AKW_PSS_Explode (knit).jpg
AKW_PSS_VORTEX_ cam02 (3000x2000).jpg
AKW_PSS_VORTEX_ cam03 (3000x2000).jpg
AKW_PSS_VORTEX_Technical Drawing (0).jpg
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