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Complete Curriculum Vitae

October 2018 - December 2018

Technical Designer - Vortex Series - Petroc Sesti Studio (Multiple pieces, Sculpture)


Working again with Petroc Sesti Studio, i was contracted to develop a series of 6 vortex sculptures in varying scales for different clients and locations. this involved reviewing and stipulating specifications producing detail fabrication files and developing installation and maintenance methods with the studio. 

October 2018 

Designer - L'Oreal Women in Science - Shiraz Creative (Events design)


Working for the first time with Shiraz Creative, i worked with the Director and design team to develop in interior scheme for periods of the L'Oreal Women In Science Awards Ceremony due to be held. 

November 2018 - March 2019

Technical Designer/ production design - +44 - Joe Sweeney (Sculpture)

Working with Joe Sweeney for the 1st time, +44 is a multi layered project with both a physical sculptural element as well as an online presence. With the involvement of EDF Energy (site and potential sponsor) and the Cob Gallery the project due to go into production early in 2019 explores the notion of national boundaries and decline in the face of the Britain's  departure from the European Union

September 2018

Designer - Continuum III - Amsterdam Lighting Festival - Sebastian Kite Studio (Installation

Working again with Sebastian Kite Studio I designed the 3rd iteration in the Continuum series of sculptures which secured the commission for Amsterdam Lighting Festival, Due to open 29 November and run until the end of Jan 2019. Following secured the commission i was responsible for the initial detail design, specification and method until production was handed over to the LAF team in October. 

November 2018

Artist/ Designer - Graven Images - Electrical Design  by GSWDH (Sculpture)

Graven Images is a research piece looking into the possible effect of polarized surfaces with different types of 'lens' and their relative orientation. While this series of pieces began material and performance research it also taps into my continued interest in the perception of technology in contemporary culture and its implications on us. 


The series of 4 hung maquette 800mm in diameter and up to 150mm in depth draws on Christian religious themes and motifs found in church architecture and explores them in the aesthetic of the scientific hence the title for the series

July 2018

Designer - 'AT-ONE-MENT' - Collaberation with Wanbing Huang Studio (Women's Wear Fashion)

Working with Wanbing Huang Studio I was responsible for helping Wanbing develop moving textiles for the first garments in her AT-ONE-MENT collection. the project envisaged actuated elements which would perform routines and coordinated performances on the garment. Each of the different actuated textiles gestures and form were based on moments in Wanbing's dreams with a view to try and embody the emotional sensation she experienced in gestures.


Due to the complicated nature of the garments and the number of individual moving parts required more traditional forms of actuation, such as motors or pressure based systems were rules out due to weight, therefore i proposed the use of Titanium Nitinol,  a shape memory alloy which when activated with an electrical current can be used to actuate an assembly. 

June 2018

Designer - Horizons - .OBJ - Kilkenny Arts Festival, The National Design and Craft Gallery (Sculpture)

Working again with Sebastian Kite Studio, the Horizons sculpture was the result of a studio interest in the composition of white light and the exploration of CNC/ linear actuation in my collaboration with Tom Hendrey on our Marche Sur La Lune series. 

The piece explore ambient white light created thorough complimentary colours. as the 2 lights moving at different rates travel the length of the sculpture a sense of rising and falling mood is created. at the moment of the crossing the lights appear to be white and a general condition of which light can be fleetingly perceived before the 2 colours move apart and the cycle continues.

March 2018 - Present 

Designer - Marche Sur La Lune - Collaberation with Tomas Hendrey (Painter/ Sculpture)


Working Tom Hendrey we have begun producing a series of sculptural and surface works aiming to challenge boundary between the digital and analogue. Initially based on the surfaces of celestial bodies in our solar system, this series aims to explores how technologies mediates our access to subjects and the possibility of incorporating digital devices and processes into more traditional analogue techniques of manufacture to enhance and express subject matter.

April 2018

Designer - Continuum II - Arte Laguna Prize - Venice (Installation)


Following showing the first iteration in this series of works with SKS at the saarchigallery Continuum was shortlist for the Arte Laguna Prize.


I designed this second iteration in the series to moving away from projected animation and installation and to focus more on non site specific gallery focused pieces. By moving the light around the sculpture Continuum II changes the audiences visual access through the piece around the space constantly changing between a reflective and permeable object.

December 2017

Fabricator - Maquette for Bharti Kher - Hauser & Wirth/ Russel Sage Studio 

Engaged by Russel Sage Studio, this short project was to produce a 3 dimensional demountable maquette/ architectural model of Hauser & Writh's Fife hotel under development which Bharti Kher had been commissioned to design work to decorate. 

The simple 1:5 opaque and clear acrylic model allowed for the artists to treat like a 3 dimensional white board onto which to test ideas before these elements would be scanned and inflated to 1:1 size for final detailing by the artists and submission to the interior design team and developers

November 2017

Designer/ Production managers - Continuum - A. Lange & Söhne at the Saatchi Gallery 

The first completed project with Sebastian Kite Studio and the first iteration in this series of sculptures/ installations, Continuum was commissioned by A. Lange & Söhne to be exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery , explored the themes of time and colour, and spatial perception to emulate the conception of the Saxonia range of time pieces. 

June - October 2017

CAD/Visualization - Sponsored Restoration - Multiple Projects (Marketing)

working with Sponsored Restorations, a small marketing and adverting firm pioneering a new more socially conscious approach to the procurement of adverting space in central London, i worked with the team there to produce visualizations and proposal graphics for marketing and advertising. 

April - June 2017

CAD/ Visualization - Cantor Masters - Multiple Projects (Interior Design)

Initially i was contracted by Cantor Masters to produce a joiner pack for the Vinoteca Bloombery bar and wine shop in St Pauls London detailing all major peices of installed furniture such as the bars, wine racks and displays as well as their integration with the architecture. Following this i also produced drawings developing design elements for other active projects

April - July 2017

Design - Tree Beacon - Petroc Sesti Studio, World Land Trust (Sculpture)

Working for the first time with Petroc Sesti Studio i was engaged to work on development of the first phase in securing and producing a large scale public sculpture in central London with the support of the world land trust to raise awareness about deforestation

The sculpture itself was based on high resolution laser scans of buttress rooted rain forest trees. these scans i then adapted with the direction of Petroc Sesti into a sculptural form emulating a beacon which could be produced using SLS 3d printing at scale for the initial phase with an ultimate goal of full 1:1 casting in bronze. 

February - June 2017

Design/ Design consultancy - ‘1/286’ (working title) - Josef O’Connor Studio - (Sculpture)

I was responsible for the design coordination and realization of the ‘set elements’ of a multimedia performance piece. Developing with the artist the concepts of the work into a series of objects including design, specification of suppliers and producing detailed costings for each of these elements.


Project on hold since June 2017

February - June 2017

Designer - Little Big City Berlin -  MDM Props & Merlin Entertainment (Permanent Exhibition)

I designed exhibit elements for the ‘Little Big City’ project based in Berlin for Merlin Entertainment and MDM Props; a scale interactive exhibition of the city which allows members of the public to interface with and physically explore the history and changing character of the city.


Taking moments from history I developed in line with the Merlin brief and design criterion detailed fabrication drawings and files well as designing and specifying mechanical assemblies for kinetic elements in the exhibition.

April 2016 - June 2016

Flux at the Roundhouse - Installation exhibited for We Are Now Festival


I proposed an interactive acoustic installation for the main atrium space of the Roundhouse for the ‘We Are Now Festival’. I developed the concept and communications aspects of the project as well as managing the funding application, coordinating and overseeing of fabrication, logistics and detailing RAMS documentation for event and venue organisers.

March 2016 - October 2016

Candidate for MArch – Interactive Architecture Lab – University College London

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Supporting my academic work, I produced a series of sculptures and installations which prototyped and tested my theoretical assertions and developed my knowledge of technical detailing, specification of mechanical and electrical systems as well as industrial precision fabrication processes.

April 2015 - January 2016

Researcher – Iris II: The Bartlett Interactive Architecture Lab/ Marshmallow Laser Feast

Iris was initially commissioned for a Nike promotional event, the subsequent Iris II iteration was proposed as a collaborative venture between Marshmallow Laser Feast and the Interactive Architecture Lab. My role on the project was to initially to provide technical support on all the mechanical and physical aspects of the existing installations running for purposes of design research and to propose a second iteration based upon the findings to be constructed and displayed at 100% Design London.


During this period, I also worked on a number of other collaborative projects for the IAlab with companies including OneDotZero and Twitter.

October 2014 - March 2015

Candidate for MArch – Bartlett University College London – Interactive Architecture Lab

February 2014 - October 2015

Assistant Architect (Part 1) - John Simpsons Architects

My role was predominantly working with the BIM (Revit) Modelling to produce technical drawings as well as some planning design, visualization and preliminary massing modelling for proposed and ongoing projects.

November 2012 - February 2014

3D Modeller and animator – The Bionic Group, Pinewood Studios

I produced multimedia presentation graphics for leading construction companies on over 40 projects on a range of mid to large scale developments and infrastructure projects (for example; Surry Quays Shopping centre – Balfour Betty, BskyB HQ – Mace, Vauxhal Sky Gardens – Mace, Manchester City Airport – Carillion).

November 2012

Graduation from Architecture (BA) – Kent School of Architecture (UKC)

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