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Iris II

The Iris installation was initially commissioned for a Nike promotional event, the subsequent Iris II iteration was proposed as a collaborative venture between Marshmallow Laser Feast and the Interactive Architecture Lab. My role on the project was to initially provide technical support on all the mechanical and physical aspects of the existing installations running for purposes of design research and to propose a second iteration based upon the findings to be constructed and displayed at 100% Design London.


While the initial direction from MLF suggested an adaptive structure where the actuation mechanisms could be reconfigured from the ring form to a square or triangle etc. However, following on from the initial animations and simulations the most powerful aspect of the piece where the regular and symmetrical forms the ring produced and very little additional impact could be achieved from the reconfigured forms vs the initial circular form.


The largest development in the effect achieved was in reorientation the installations from the ‘chandelier’ style hang to a wall mounted piece. I felt that for another configuration of the laser systems to be impactful their composition would render them on similar sculpturally to iris in technology and not in effect or essence so I proposed instead of altering the elegant design of the ring as it existed to mount the ring on a actuated mounting which would allow for the ring to be directed in two axis.

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