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Designer - Horizons - First shown at .OBJ - Kilkenny Arts Festival, The National Design and Craft Gallery, 2018​, then Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition, York Art Gallery, 2019. 

The piece explore ambient white light created thorough complimentary colours. as the 2 lights moving at different rates travel the length of the sculpture a sense of rising and falling mood is created. at the moment of the crossing the lights appear to be white and a general condition of which light can be fleetingly perceived before the 2 colours move apart and the cycle continues.

Working again with Sebastian Kite Studio, the Horizons sculpture was the result of a studio interest in the composition of white light and the exploration of CNC/ linear actuation systems in sculpture in my work collaboration with Tom Hendrey. ​

AKW_SK07_Horizons_OBJ 02.jpg
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