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Delta IV

If architecture is defined as ‘that which curates an actionable capability where one was not previously or naturally available’ then it can also be concluded that the definition of any architecture lies within its performance and how it’s users perform in relation to it. The Delta Series of installations aim to explore how interaction and performance can be used as the basis for design and curating though simple adaptive systems complex and emotive and engaging architectures

With an array of proximity sensors to scans the room and provide a continually updating plan of the rooms occupation relative to itself and therefore where to directed the balloon. Now the question of co-ordination and position within the architecture is a continual process which can respond to changes in the number of occupants and make decisions on the level of activity of the audience in the environment.


Delta IV relied on a number of digital processes as well as practical knowledge to construct. From the Solidworks model of the piece CAD profiles were produced to waterjet cut the aluminium structural elements from plate material forming the chassis. Using Delcam Powermill Pro the same model was used to CNC mill fitting tolerances and details and SLS 3D printing was used to produce all other junction component before final hand assembly and finishing.

Production & Direction, Alex Kendall White

Principal Funding, Interactive Architecture Lab, Bartlett Architecture Projects Fund, UCL

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