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Marche Sur La Lune

Marche Sur La Lune,currently a year in development, is a collaborative project undertaken with Tom Hendrey which seeks to explore ‘painting’ with bespoke digital/CNC manufacture to produce surface pieces in coloured clay. Initially based on celestial bodies in our solar system the series examines the relationship to how we view these worlds from a place we ourselves can never leave and the role that technology plays mediating their representation to us.



The transmitted images of worlds beyond our own create intrigue, fascination, and controversy in almost equal measure with each new mission. Grainy images and radiation scans beamed back to us are altering, damaging and distorting at every stage of their transmission and representation. Indeed the very first images of mars were created by scientists colouring in strips of paper with coloured pencils based on a numerical system to reveal the first images of a red and brown landscape. These planets remain shrouded in mystery, lifeless but full of clues to a violent and potentially completely alternative past glimpsed through cloud of pixelated distortions these tiny machines offer us only clues to our universe.

Marche Sur La Lune 02_edited.jpg
AKW_TH_Test Cuts CNC carving.jpg
THAKW_CNC Mill_1-10 scale views 02b.jpg
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