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+44 Leave A Message For Europe - Joe Sweeney 

This project began in 2018 with the an unsuccessful response to a competition entry. However, while our initial work was not successful the brief and site selections eventually lead with the collaboration of the Cob Gallery, to the completed concept for the '+44, Leave a Message For Europe' project. 


My role on this project began with producing a preliminary design for the sculptural elements of the project which was used for; visualisation, and costing and feasibility to be used tin the funding process, and eventually, production and delivery to site of the sculpture.

The piece is intended to be an opportunity for the public to record their thoughts on the UK's departure from the European Union. installed on the beach in Dungeness, the edge of the UK facing Europe:


The artist invites you to become part of a permanent archive of public opinion at this pivotal moment in history. Everyone is welcome and we want you to share what you feel. However, this project is about free speech, not hate speech.

During this period the artist will install a sculpture, inspired by a 90s phone box, on Dungeness beach. Located at UK’s most south-easterly point, the inactive phone box acts as a beacon. It is a nostalgic call to action – a reminder of the way we once communicated - with the nuance of the voice.

Exposed to the elements, the sculpture also represents the UK, facing new challenges and an uncertain future. Visit the sculpture in person or view it streamed live here, 24-7, as it is altered daily by its environment - and as we count down to B-day.


JS_Dungeness beach_sketch01.jpg
phone box 01.png
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